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Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.

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Back Pack Drive: August

Bethany Beach Retreat  September 9-11

Thanks to all of you who helped with and attended our special surprise celebration last Sunday for Dr. Bob’s 70th birthday!!!

Summer Sundays: Join us before our 11 am Worship Service for our "10:15 Club" to share in a time of fellowship before the service.

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Home Plate

Home Plate is seventeen inches wide.  It doesn’t matter what league you are playing in, what level you are playing at, how old you are or how young you are…it’s seventeen inches. There is a wondeful story going around about an old coach who is now long dead but who gave a passionate and impressive […]

Are You Hungry?

When is the last time you ate?  Are you hungry?  I don’t mean as in coming to the table to eat and drink but in deeper ways than just filling up your belly.  There are some common spiritual hungers we all share and it becomes important for us as a church to try and provide […]

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