I remember one time last fall when I wanted to see what images had been captured on the game camera in the woods in my backyard.  Once before I had captured images of deer, fox, and even a wild turkey and I wanted to see what I could find now.  In retrospect, I guess I wasn’t totally interested, because it took me months and months to finally walk down into the woods where the camera was strapped to a tree, remove the data card and take it to view on my computer.  I didn’t get around to it all fall, and then into winter and finally one day a week or so ago I went down to get the card and have a “look”.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way a door to the camera got jarred loose so when I did finally check it out there weren’t any images to see.

When I really want to find something or someone I look hard, that is if I really want to find them.  If the something or someone I am seeking isn’t really that important then I give it a cursory look and move on, not really caring whether I find them or not.  I guess looking at the images on that game camera wasn’t really all that important to me.  On the other hand when I’m looking for the keys to my car it becomes critically important that I find them so I look and look and look some more until I find them.  Not finding them is not an option!

So it is with God.  The Bible says that the Lord said that when we look for Him with all our heart we will find Him.  The word from the Lord is that when we want to find the Lord, we have to look and be really serious about it, totally committed.  We have to be “all in”.  Too often we look for the Lord half heartedly rather than with our whole heart.  Then we wonder why we can’t find the Lord when we need Him or why He doesn’t answer our prayers or why He just doesn’t seem to a part of our life…especially when we need Him the most.

What does it mean to seek the Lord with all our heart?  It means looking for the Lord like I look for my car keys…and then some.  It means being in touch with Him on a regular basis, not just when we need Him or want something out of Him.  It means having a right heart, a good heart, a heart that loves the Lord and loves our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, and in as much as possible all of mankind.  Looking for the Lord with all your heart means being persistent in seeking Him in your life.  It means giving Him first place in everything you do and everything you are.

Do you seek the Lord with all your heart or only half heartedly?  Are you seeking the Lord like I was seeking the data card in my game camera or like I look for my car keys when I can’t find them?  You will find the Lord when you seek Him with all your heart…and nothing less.

Dr. Chance