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Beginning on Sunday December 3 and continuing through December, we will celebrate the Advent season with our Nativity and Advent Candlelighting ceremonies.


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The Leaves Are Changing Color…It’s a New Season!

There was an excellent article in the Washington Post recently about the challenges facing nearly every congregation in every denomination all across America.  The short of it is we are living in challenging, unfriendly times as far being a“church” is concerned.  Society is or already has moved away from church.  Young people in increasing numbers […]

The Three Bells Little Jimmy Brown

“There’s a village hidden deep in the valley    Among the pine trees half forlorn And there on a sunny morning Little Jimmy Brown was born (Bung, bung, bung, bung)”   So begins one of the great songs of all time.  It’s entitled Little Jimmy Brown or sometimes “The Three Bells”.   It’s a beautiful song […]

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