Just Around the Corner

Join us each Sunday morning of Lent for our Lenten Banner ceremony which takes place during our 11:00 am worship service!

Prayer Breakfast - Saturday March 3, 9:00 am

Maundy Thursday Worship Service - Thursday March 29

Easter Sunday

   Easter Sonrise Breakfast 9:30 am

   Easter Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am

   Easter Egg Hunt after church





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How Much Are You Worth?

There is a story that in 75 BC a young Roman nobleman named Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and held for ransom. When they demanded twenty talents of silver in ransom (about $600,000 today), Caesar laughed and said they obviously had no idea who he was. He insisted they raise the ransom to 50 […]

Scarlet Tanager Moment

Recently, I remembered the sheer joy of having spotted a Scarlet Tanager on one of my long-ago hikes with dear friends.   Some friends and I were hiking south on the Appalachian Trail.  About half way through the day we decided to take a side trail.  It led to a waterfall and along the way we […]

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