When is the last time you ate?  Are you hungry?  I don’t mean as in coming to the table to eat and drink but in deeper ways than just filling up your belly.  There are some common spiritual hungers we all share and it becomes important for us as a church to try and provide for those to each other.  Do we share in some common hungers that we all need to satisfy and fulfill?  I think we do.

First, we all share a need for community.  People need people, people need to find and experience a community in which they can feel a part of, valued, and something to belong to.  In a community lived out at its best we all need to both give and receive this sense of community.  People are pretty amazing at all the ways they find and experience common interests and community but none is better than through church and a spiritual connection with each other and with God.   Church gives us the best way to satisfy our need to belong to something beyond ourselves.  We all need to belong.  A good and faithful church helps us both experience and give community.  A good church is one which not only invites us to receive community but calls us to share in building it and giving it to others.

Secondly, we all share a need to do good and to help others.  We need to give as well as receive.  In the church we call that “Outreach”.   As a church we do our best to provide ways for every one of us to satisfy that fundamental need to do good by helping others.  We do that by reaching out and helping others out of our abundance.  Ministries like the Carroll House, BackPacks For Kids, Week of Compassion, One Offering Many Ministries are just a few of the ways that we are invited to do good for others and to feel good in the process.  The amazing thing in life is that the more we do for others the better we feel ourselves and the need to do good grows within us.  It’s like earning interest on a bank account.  The more we give to others the better we feel about ourselves and the better person we become.

A third need we all share is the need to fill our spiritual hunger and awareness.  We are physical, emotional and spiritual in nature but our society is focused on the physical and emotional aspects of life but not the spiritual.  We all share a spiritual part of our being.  We all have a spiritual hunger to satisfy and the church is the very best place to have that hunger fulfilled.  We need to worship, to celebrate God’s presence in our life, to ask for God’s guidance and to deepen our spiritual awareness.  Worship, Christian Education, prayer, Bible study, hearing God’s word are all part of the church’s way for us to grow our spirit and deepen our spirituality.  A great church lifts up and honors the spiritual part of life for all of us.

Are you hungry?  Are you hungry for community?  Are you hungry to do good unto others?  Are you hungry for God?  Come to church, both to receive and to give and your hunger will be filled.

“I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go unto the House of the Lord.’”