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The Simple Pleasures of August



August is such a wonderful month.  Even in hectic, overstressed, busy Washington D.C. life slows down a little bit.  The searing heat requires us to slow up a bit.  People being gone on vacation means we can’t get hold of everyone, all the time, instantly.  Government takes a holiday too.  Life just seems to slow down, although I confess that vacations can be pretty hectic and stressful too.


August is a month of many cherished memories for me.  Growing up we rarely went on what we would call vacations like I do today but somehow we always found time to go somewhere for a long weekend or whatever.  Of course, with my birthday coming in August I have lots of memories of going to dinner and having a birthday celebration.  My folks did a pretty good job at trying to make everyone’s birthday a special day.  I have memories of playing baseball, in spite of the searing heat.  I get a good laugh out of remembering our old playground rule when it came to choosing teams.  “If you get Chico, we get the next two players”.  Chico was bigger and older than the rest of us and he was worth two of any of the other players.  August brings lots of fond memories for me, no doubt about it.  I hope it does for you too.


The other day on my way to the church I was reminded of something else special about August.  As I waited at an intersection I saw a patch of ground covered with Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory.  The white and the blue flowers made a beautiful picture.  I just love the flowers of summer.  It’s a little soon yet for them to be in full bloom but soon the Joe Pye Weed will be in full flower and that’s another beautiful wild flower of the dog days of summer.


It’s a good time to slow down.  It’s a good time to be reminded of all the natural beauty that surrounds us.  The amazing thing about the Chicory and the Queen Anne’s Lace is that you can even see it growing in the most pavement covered inner city portions of the landscape.  It’s a good time to reflect on what truly matters in your life and what is most important to you.


Perhaps you’ve been too busy for church lately.  August is a good time to be un-busy and find your way back to God’s house.  Perhaps, you’ve been over stressed.  August is a good time to get “un-stressed” and come back home to church.  Perhaps you’ve been running too hard.  August is a good time to slow down, sit a spell and enjoy the beauty of the day.



Blessings,and we look forward to seeing you at God’s house – this coming Sunday, 10:00 a.m.