Recently, I was hurrying to a meeting, knowing I would be late. Trouble is I had forgotten about the meeting and was trying to make up for lost time. With the worst of all luck I encountered a red light at the corner of Norwood and Ednor Roads. I had just missed the green light which meant it would a long stop. Cursing my bad luck I clutched the steering wheel and stewed about my luck.

As I sat at the red light, stewing in my bad timing, I noticed the remnants of what had been an accident that had taken place earlier. Shattered glass, a few pieces of chrome, and parts of a light were scattered in the intersection. Thinking about the real misfortune someone else had at that very spot earlier, I regrouped, cooled myself down and remembered that being a few minutes late for a meeting wasn’t worth all the rush and the frustration. The risk of driving too fast wasn’t worth the benefits of making up for lost time. It’s kind of sad that someone else’s misfortune causes us to think a little clearer isn’t it?

I began thinking about the remnants of the accident. It had to be recent because the debris hadn’t yet been cleared away. I thought about the people who had been in the accident. Had it been serious or just a fender bender? Was anyone hurt? Was it someone like me in a hurry or maybe someone on the cell phone, I considered all the possibilities. They were all bad.

In a larger sense I started thinking about a more serious kind of debris; the debris of personal or spiritual accidents in our lives. We’ve all had them. Bad encounters, arguments, words said that were cruel, hateful, bad moments. The signs of these kinds of accidents aren’t always as obvious as leftover glass or bent chrome in the middle of the road but there are always signs. I thought about some of the debris of hurt encounters, shouting matches, hurt feelings, disappointments, moments of anger, or any one of countless ways we run into each other. The debris of our personal accidents are often far more damaging and harder to spot than car accidents but the damage can be substantial. We all know about such accidents.

The signs are less obvious but no less painful to see. Short tempers, ignored relationships, shattered relationships, avoidance of intimacy, shallow relationships can all be signs of an accident in the intersection of daily living.

It’s important to clear away the debris from these previous accidents in our lives. It’s important to sweep the broken glass aside, get our feelings healed and find a way to keep moving on.

Have you had an “accident” in your life lately? Are you trying to clear the road way of the debris? Are you going to continue driving? What can others do to help you get over it and move on?

Just about the right time, the light just turned green, it was time get back on my journey! Keep smiling friends, keep smiling, drive on brother, drive on! We all have accidents in our personal relationships and we all have to do everything we can to clean up the debris and get on with our lives. And, it’s always good to try and help someone else clean up the debris of an accident in their life…especially if it involved us. Let’s keep the debris swept away as much as we can.