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An Invitation to Open and to Share with Others.

I saw something recently which reminded me of three of the most important aspects of being a faithful church. “Find a place to belong, grow and serve…” What a home run of an invitation to give to others to come to church and experience. What a home run of what it should be at its best!

First of all, church is a place where we feel a sense of belonging. There is a need within all of us to belong and to feel a part of something. We all need to know others care about us, to be accepted and we all need to help others feel that same sense of belonging. The church at its best is one place where we give each other a place to belong based on the love of God. We are all charged with helping create a place where people can feel they belong. Belonging is an important aspect of what we all need, seek and experience in church. Are you here to belong and to help others belong?

Secondly, church is a place where we seek to grow. We all need to be growing constantly. The Good News is not about staying the same, it about changing. Our faith is about change and growth. If we aren’t growing we aren’t really being faithful. We seek to grow in a spiritual sense by learning more about the Lord, more about what His call means in our life and opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit. Are you growing spiritually?

Third, church is a place where we serve. Too often this third aspect of church is left out of the equation. We can’t talk about being faithful disciples or being a faithful church without serving others, especially a world in need and one with plenty of hurt to be healed. All Disciples of Christ are called to serve, to give, to reach out to others and to bring the good news to others. Too many disciples just want to be served and not serve. Are you here to serve or be served?

These three critical aspects of church are the foundation for a faithful church and are important elements for every one of us to help be true and truer and even more true every day in our own church. Will you join the small but faithful band of disciples at our church?

Dr. Robert Chance