Groups & Activities

Carpenter’s Club:

The Carpenter’s Club is a group of men that meets monthly to share in ongoing maintenance tasks around the church.  Currently the Carpenter’s Club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  See Jeff or Dr. Bob if you would like to join this fun and helpful “working group”!  All talents welcome.

The Softball Team:

If you would like to play ball with a fun and happy group of men of all ages (some old and slow, others young and fast) come and play with the church team.  The church has fielded a fun and competitive softball team for thirty-nine straight years in the Montgomery County Softball program. We play every week during the season from April through June.


The Gad-A-Bouts are our senior citizens group.  They meet monthly and have special outings designed for fun and enjoyment as well as sharing in outreach projects for those in need.

St. Paul’s Ministry:

The St. Paul’s Ministry is our prayer and care ministry of the Elders and Deacons.  Every family in the church, including the minister and family, receive a current elder or deacon who prays for them, looks after them and alerts the minister if there is a problem or special need in the family.

Outreach Ministries:

Our church engages in year round outreach ministries which carry out the Lord’s call to “care for the least of these”.  Our many projects include providing suppers to a local men’s shelter, providing Refugee Ministry support through the Christ Center, providing local families with meals and care assistance during Christmas, Easter and other special seasons of the year, assembling back packs for kids going back to school, contributions to local area outreach centers such as Shepherd’s Table, Manna and the Good News Mission. 

AA Groups:

The church sponsors two Alcoholic Anonymous groups for recovering alcoholics.