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New Year, New Start

A Clean Slate For 2011 …

This is the first newsletter of 2011 for our church. The slate is clean.
No Sundays missed.
No Offerings passed by without me participating.
No lack of love on my part.
No promises made by me but not kept.
No failures to give back to the church or to God more than I take.

Let me try it another way…
Know God and know the importance of every Sunday in church.
Know God and know the joy of sharing in the offering.
Know God and there will never be a lack of love in our heart.
Know God and know that He keeps all of His promises to us.
Know God and know that no sin, no failure, and no anything is too big that God won’t forgive us and love us anyway.

One more time…
No reason to keep us from being faithful … except ourselves.
No situation we can’t manage with God in our lives.
No body beyond God’s love.
No bull!

See you in church every Sunday we can make it in the coming year. No kidding!

Blessings and Happy New Year

Dr. Bob Chance