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When It Rains It Pours


Three straight days of nothing but rain and suddenly the flat roof of the church started leaking like a sieve.  A whole deluge of problems suddenly emerged.  The flat portion of the church roof has long outlasted its life expectancy and we were already in the process of raising the funds to pay for a new roof and securing bids for the work when the whole process escalated with the week’s events.  The roof reached its end quickly.  From one or two leaks that were springing up occasionally to suddenly dozens of them,  life went south in a hurry.  Ceiling tiles were being saturated and crumbling all over the floor.  Drops of water on the copier and on the computers, phones and other sensitive electronic systems were bad news waiting to happen.  Decisions had to be made quickly, bids finalized and a contract signed to replace the roof.  Several thoughts come to mind about the whole mess.

First, when stuff happens people step up and do what they have to do to recover.  Joel Owen, Mary Chance, Chad McCabe and Roberto Lopez came over on dime’s notice and climbed up on the roof to put down an emergency plastic covering.   We are all thankful to have people in our lives who will respond when calls for help come their way.  Knowing that we have people to help us when the rainstorms come into or lives is a gift from God.

Secondly, it’s never as bad as it seems.  When the rain was coming down in droves and leaks were popping through all over the office area and all I wanted to do was eat my lunch and get my work done life was feeling terrible.  When my back was hurting and I was grousing about being up on the roof of the church and the rain was miserable I was feeling pretty disgusted.  Today, it’s a better day.  Today the sun is shining, a contract is signed, the letter borrowing the money has gone out and we’re getting ready to invite people to pay for the roof and  it feels like a new day.  It’s never as bad as it sometimes seems in life.  No matter what the problem there is always a new tomorrow, always someone to help us through the crisis and we are never far from God’s love and care.   It’s worth remembering that when the rain is coming down that the sun is always going to shine again. 

There are other lessons, lots of them but the last one I’ll mention is how people serve as role models, inspirers, examples to one another.  I didn’t’ want to go up on the roof but Joel was my example.  I couldn’t leave him up there by himself to deal with the problem.  I had to go up and join him.  Chad offered to help and he went up as well.  He too was a great example.  When Mary arrived and insisted on climbing up there too I knew the examples being set left me little choice.  Roberto came at the last minute on no notice.  We are examples to one another.  Others see our commitment or lack of it and respond accordingly.  What kind of example do you think you are?

Now, we will be asking you to be rays of sunshine as we try to come out from under the umbrella and pay for this new roof.  And, we hope that you will be the right kind of example in your responses for support in the future; not just for paying for the roof but for all the ministries, all the missions, all the care and attention the church needs to be faithful to its call.  See you on the roof!