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Wind and Kites…

March is the windy month. I have so many great memories of going out with the children when they were young and trying to fly a kite. Kite flying is a lot harder than it sounds. Either the wind is blowing so strong you can’t hold or control the kite or it isn’t blowing at all. More than not, my experience is that the wind would gust one second blowing forty miles an hour and the next minute be deader than a a hot summer day. In spite of all the difficulty associated with kite flying I still have great memories. Why? Why, do I still have such wonderful memories in spite of all the frustration, all the embarrassment (what kind of dad can’t impress his children with getting a simple kite in the air?) and all the struggle. What was it about flying kites up at the little park in our neighborhood that brings back so many smiles?

I think it’s called “the fun of being together”. Flying the kite involved all of us. Mary usually bought the kites and assembled them (left to me they usually got broken with my nine and a half thumbs). I was the master flyer (loosely applied standards), Amy was the hard worker, trying ever so hard to make it fly and Beth was the holy spirit, screaming with sheer joy when she would convince me to let her hold the string and instantly letting go of it to watch it fly off in the distance or get caught in the mile high trees. Matthew came along (the stork brought him as I remember) and soon became part of the fun as he would always insist on bringing up a bat and ball because the kites bored him.

The fun of being family, do you get it? Church is much the same dynamic. More than being “successful” at the task (whatever task that may be) what matters is that we were together. What matters is that we are being God’s people (or at least trying to be) when we are together. Being part of extended family, sharing in one another’s joys and sorrows, doing things together is what makes us a church and what bonds us together as a community.

May the memories of being church bring a smile to your face and may the fun of doing things together, both in our individual families and in God’s family create such warm and wonderful memories that we keep coming back for more and more. And, may the call of doing God’s work together be the joy of our days.


Bob the Kite Boy