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The miracle of new life in the world of nature always brings joy. Whether it’s a duck being hatched or a pony coming into the world or any animal emerging into the cold hard world it’s always a thing of joy for me to contemplate and share in. We live in such a busy and fast paced world we sometimes miss the things that truly count and we get jaded or oblivious to the beauty of life that goes on all around us.

Last month a mother duck chose the area between the two buildings, the area we call the Quiet Garden to make her nest and have her ducklings. It’s been a great joy watching her over the days taking care of her nest and yesterday the little ducklings came into the world. For the last month the mother has sat through driving rain, searing heat and freezing cold to take care of her eggs. She sat on them twenty three out of twenty four hours a day. There were ten eggs in her nest and nine of them hatched today. They’ve been scurrying all around the Quiet Garden; following mother duck just like the good Lord intended them to do. It’s been so fun taking part in one of the common but still very joyful miracles of daily life. It all re-connects me with the natural order of things and the beautiful world that we, you and I, are a part of. I feel like the Psalmist must have felt long ago when he observed the beauty of God’s world and wrote the words that paid homage to the majesty of God’s creation and to the creator himself.

Nine little ducklings waddling back and forth, back and forth as their mother chooses her paths quickly and carefully, ever keeping an eye out for danger. And there is plenty of danger to keep her eyes out for too. Birds of prey, raccoons, all kinds of beasts are out there waiting for a tasty morsel of baby duck to cap the day off with. None the less the little ducks are very cute waddling around following mother. The mother gets spooked very easily and keeps a wary eye on the outside world – as well she should. It’s a dangerous place out there.

On a sadder note the robin eggs that were in the ledge just outside one of the windows at the back of the church are all gone and the mother is gone as well. I hope nothing happened but it seems like it did and I am reminded of how nature will take its course.

On the upside the nine little ducklings are following their mother around as nature intended. The gate has been opened and mother duck will leave when she wants to do so. Please stay out of the Quiet Garden until the signs are removed from the doors as we don’t want to rush mother duck and she may come and go for a bit. We have to stay away from her and the ducklings however.

It’s such a joy to have watched the whole process of life unfold. As the great Satchmo once said “It’s a beautiful world”. On a day when I did a graveside funeral service for someone at Arlington little ducklings came into the world and I am reminded that life goes on and God is always at work.