“No one can lay foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ”.  I Cor 3:11


I learned how to read blueprints a long time ago.  Since I don’t do it all the time I don’t claim to be an expert in reading them and sometimes they can be pretty convoluted but if we’re going to build anything of any size and lasting value we better have a good set of blueprints before we begin.   

I was exposed to blueprints in my Junior High School drafting class way back in the early 1960’s.

I really learned how to read “Blueprints” when we built the Church’s million dollar addition back in the 1980’s.

Look here, here are “Plans” or “Blueprints or Building Plans” from our building.  Most any time we need some important detail about the building…electrical lines, water lines, gas lines, particular construction details, even after all these years we go back to these blueprints to get vital information or to check to be sure we are staying with the plan.

Blueprints are valuable…and important.


  1. God has created a Blueprint for us in our lives too…

“I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you”.  Jn 13:15


It’s found in the lessons and instructions in Bible

It’s found in the examples of great Fathers in the Bible

It’s found in the example of Jesus, even though he was never an earthly Father.

It’s found in the examples of the men who have played a good role in our own lives and who have helped shape us into the men and women we are.

For me…My dad, Charlie, Ewell Arrasmith, Herschel Thornsburg, Gordon             Dayton, Others…too many to mention right now.

Who has created the blueprints for your life?


  1. We have this spiritual blueprint, God’s plan to go by but somehow it goes awry for us somewhere along the way.

Too often our lives look nothing like the perfect blueprints Jesus created for us.

Sometimes best intentions aside we don’t follow the blueprint.

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up and we set the blueprint aside.

Sometimes we have to change the plan as unplanned circumstances, unforeseen events intervene and we have to take new directions.

Sometimes we lose the blueprint God has made for us.

Sometimes we forget to follow God’s blueprint.

Sometimes we take shortcuts.

Sometimes we let someone else’s blueprints get substituted for God’s…and that’s always a mistake, a big mistake.


Whatever, for one reason or another, we may have once had God’s blueprints active in our life but now we don’t…or maybe we never did.


III.  Good News:  There is a fix!

 It is found in “No one can lay foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ”.  I Cor 3:11

With Jesus as our foundation, we have hope…even when life goes terribly wrong.

We build our foundation as fathers (and mothers) of our Savior’s grace and mercy as we serve, forgive and share the love and grace of God with our children.

Jesus made it simple for us.  In its simplest form, it’s “Love God, Love your neighbor”.

            Love God…first…begin there and the rest will fall in place…one way or another.

            Love your neighbor.  That includes loving your children…and all children.


In a more detailed form the best Blueprint for Life includes…

(1)  Giving your children the gift of faith not just in a historical God or in a conceptual God but in a living God…who is a part of their life.

            A God is always there with them,

            A God who loves them and forgives them and gives them grace,

A God who calls on them to love others and to give others what they have     received from him…love and grace.

(2)  Teaching your children to make the spiritual dimension of life first in their lives…and then all things will properly order themselves in life. 

As a culture we are fast losing the spiritual dimension, the spiritual basis, the foundation laid in God in our society and our children will pay the price.  I noticed this week the Superintendent of the Montgomery County Schools said something like “Our thoughts are with those who have suffered this tragedy in their lives”.  Not our “prayers” are with you, no, “our thoughts”. 

(3)  The challenge to find out for themselves what it means to be faithful to God and to then be faithful in their own lives. 

There will be a day when we are gone…and that’s when our children will be OK…because we have equipped them to live in faith, to believe in God and to love others as they have been loved.


Blueprints For Life…

Do you have a set?

If not, do you want a set?

If so, is it the right set?

There are lots of blueprints for life but they are not all of equal value…and none is of higher value than the set from God.

Thank you…

            dads, grandfathers,

            uncles, brothers, sons,

            coaches, teachers    

            and mentors.

When we built our home over in Ashton, some 17 years ago now we had a detailed set of blueprints.  Those blueprints were invaluable in ensuring the foundation was laid right and the framing and the walls and the roof and all the spaces within those walls were done right and according to specifications.

We still go by them.  When we need to see where a line runs or where the water comes in or where the load bearing walls are we have those blueprints to go by.

They not only helped to ensure the house got built right…but that it gets maintained right.

So it is with our lives.  God has given us a blueprint.  If we learn it in the first place and then go by it, we will live rich and rewarding lives.  If we set it aside to go by someone else’s blueprints…like the athletic coach’s or the Wall Street bankers we’re making a bad trade.

God has left that decision up to each of us however.  It’s your choice.  What’s your decision?


“No one can lay foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ”.  I Cor 3:11