I remember one time when I walked out of an Economics test in college forty-five minutes before anyone else did. I started worrying because I knew I wasn’t forty-five minutes smarter than anyone else. Sometimes we need to worry, sometimes we don’t but in all cases we should trust God.

The Bible tells us not to worry so much. But worry we do. At least worry I do and sorry to say, I do it well. Jesus sets his admonition to not worry so much in the context of trusting God. We aren’t to not worry because we trust in ourselves but because we trust in God. We aren’t to worry because things won’t go wrong but because even if they do go wrong we will still be in God’s hands. We aren’t to not worry because everything is perfect but because God is often found in the imperfect.

Why do we worry? Some of us are worriers by nature, we are born that way. Others are worriers because they have too much and having too much leads to having too much time on their hands to worry. Some of us worry because others around us don’t worry at all. It’s kind of like some get off free because others do their worrying for them. When all is said and done, we worry for all kinds of reasons. Jesus said that we worry too much about the same things that non-believers or non-followers worry about. We worry about what we will eat, what we will wear and about anything else you can think of. I can think of plenty to worry about and once I’m on the “Worry Train” it spirals out of control. It kind of puts “I Hear The Train A Coming” in new context. Too often my “Worry Train” pulls out of the station in the wee hours of the morning when all I want to do and need to do is sleep. Jesus says to remember that God knows what we need and will provide it.

Jesus says let go and let God have more control over your life. Jesus says that all the worrying in the world won’t change anything and besides if we trust God things will work out anyway…maybe not the way we wanted but the way they do.

This isn’t to say of course that we should just lay back in the hammock of life and sway with the breeze, worry free. Worry does have its place in our lives but keeping it in its place is what most of us need to do better. What are you worrying about today? What fears drive you? What anxieties weigh on you? What can you legitimately key in on and what can you let go of in your life? I don’t know about you and can’t speak for you but if I worried less and trusted God more I’d be a lot better off and a happier person. Oh, by the way, my worry in regards to the Economics test was well founded. “So I tell you not to worry”.

Luke 12:22 TEV

Dr Chance