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Football Is Back…

Fall is here and football is back.  Football is back in every way, shape and form.  From the young people just learning the game to the pros being paid the big bucks our favorite teams are back on the field.  Speaking of being back on the field; “how about those Terps uniforms”.  The uniforms the Maryland Terrapins wore on the night of their first home game against Miami were either the ugliest uniforms you ever saw and really hip, depending on your perspective.  I thought they were pretty ugly but then a friend said I was showing my age so I take it back. 


In many ways a church is a lot like a football team.  First of all we have an owner and that’s not the people, but the Lord.  We also require a General Manager.  I guess that would be the Board.  Second, we have to have a Coach.  That might be the minister.  Then there is all the front office staff, the people who work behind the scenes to help the team (church) function.  These are people like secretaries, custodians, position coaches like the Music Director and so.  Then there are the players and fans.  This is where I want to get your attention and get you to start showing up and playing.  I don’t just want you to show up; I want you to give it your all and play to win.  We need players, not fans.


The members of a church are not “fans”. Fans root for the old home team, they come to the games and watch and they even cheer their team on but they aren’t down on the playing field doing all the work it takes to win the game.  Too many members of churches see themselves as fans but they aren’t supposed to be fans.  Too many Christians today think their appropriate role is to show up for the game on Sunday, never practice, never learn the plays, never take the field and just sit in the stadium and watch the game.  Taint so!


Church members are supposed to be players.  Church members are supposed to be in the game, doing everything they can on the field to win the game.  Church members play all the different positions like tight ends, quarterbacks, running backs, guards, tackles and so on.  Depending on each church member’s particular set of skills they play a position on the team and should do their part to help the team achieve victory.  Players have to give their all.  Players have to know the playbook.  Players have to execute their jobs with commitment, emotion and dedication.  Players have to set aside their own individual glory for the whole team.  Players have to respect one another and work with one another to make the team succeed.  Players have to do a whole lot more but I think you get my point. Are you on the team?  Are you doing your part to bring home a team victory?  Any chance you could be a MVP?


Are you one of those players for whom it’s about them or do your give your all for the good of the team?  Are you a team player?  Are you even here for the games?  Just like the big boys we play every Sunday, only that’s where the analogy stops.  Football games are just games, what we are engaged in is life and death – our own, others and ultimately the worlds.  See you Sunday.   Come prepared to play.  We need you ready, willing and able.


                                                                        Dr. Bob