Worship is the ministry that provides lay support to the Pastor for the programs that deepen the spiritual life  of people through weekly worship services and seasonal worship opportunities. Our Worship ministries include …

  • Inspiring Christ-centered Sunday morning worship at 11:00 a.m.
  • Chancel Choir (Rehearsals Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m.)
  • Children’s Choirs
  • Advent, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Services

Christian Education
Christian Education is the ministry of teaching the love and joy of Jesus Christ to both children and adults.  Some of the ministries that are part of our Christian Education program are…

  • Adult Sunday School 10:00 a.m. every Sunday (Sept-June)
  • Sunday School for children during the worship service
  • Pastor’s Class annually for youth at the age of candidacy for baptism
  • Summer Camps & Conferences – All ages

Christian Fellowship is the ministry that develops programs that nurture people into and within the Christian community. Our Fellowship ministries include …

  • Sunday morning fellowship hour
  • Softball Team
  • Church Picnics
  • Spring & Fall Camping Retreats
  • Annual retreat at Bethany Beach
  • Family & Individual Dinners & Events

Membership & Evangelism
The Membership and Evangelism Ministry develops and supports programs to help recruit and assimilate new members and nurture all members in the life of the church. Some of the ministries that are part of our Membership and Evangelism program are …

  • Shepherds program to support members
  • Disciples Class quarterly
  • Pastor’s Class during Lent
  • Monthly name tag Sunday
  • Team Galilee to ensure that visitors are welcomed
  • Personal evangelism encouraged each week


  • Week of Compassion, Pentecost, and One Offering specia outreach offerings
  • Food Closet
  • Christ Center Refugee Program
  • Backpacks for Kids Program
  • Community Outreach Ministries support, including Community Ministries of Montgomery County, Shepherd’s Table, and Good News Mission
  • Food, clothing, and toy collections for local families

The Property Ministry is responsible for providing the care and maintenance of the building and grounds in order to facilitate and support the core ministries of the church. Property activities include …

  • Carpenter’s Club meets monthly to share in maintenance tasks
  • Coordination of events, groups, and individuals to support work at the church, including landscaping, snow removal, and supplies

Stewardship is responsible for planning programs that facilitate the development of Christian stewardship among the members and friends of the church. Stewardship activities include …

  • Annual Every Member Commitment Drive
  • Giving Tree Advent program
  • Spring Special Project giving opportunity
  • Fundraisers such as Mulch and Fruit sales