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“A genuine leader doesn’t reflect consensus, he molds consensus.”
(Martin Luther King Jr.)
“Never preach your doubts; men have enough of their own”. (Unknown)
“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser” (Leo Durocher)

If you go to my Facebook Page (I’m the only Maryland Bob on Facebook) you will see the quote from Martin Luther King on it. Facebook provides a place for people to put a quote or a statement that in an encapsulated form reflects something of who they are or how they see themselves or maybe even who they want to be. It’s a good idea. Whether we choose to write our own “snapshot idea” that is central to our self understanding or quote someone else who said what we believe in having the clarity of such a statement not only presents a snapshot picture of ourselves but gives us something we obviously value and want to live up to.

The quote that I provided about “doubt” has been on the back of office desk for years. Well, it was until somehow it got old and crumbly and apparently fell off and landed in the trash can somewhere along the way. I went to quote it for this article and it was gone. It might be gone from my desk but it’s still very much present implanted in my heart. I looked it up on the web and couldn’t find it so while I don’t remember who originally coined it; I still value its message. I try not to preach my doubts, although I have them because like the quote says, I figure you have enough of your own. It’s a good reminder to preach what we believe in – not what we doubt.

The current quote I treasure so much is from Martin Luther King Jr. I believe he said it precisely and well. “A genuine leader doesn’t reflect consensus, he molds consensus”. How true it is. One of the banes of modern culture (or more precisely what passes for culture) is the idea that we don’t have leaders, we have people who simply guide discussions or lick their finger and put it up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. I have done my best to be a genuine leader – not a phony vote taker. It goes to the core of what I believe to be leadership. There are times when I have been woefully wrong, but other times when I was right, no matter what the vote was. Being a leader means being willing to risk making mistakes, or being wrong – but always acting with courage. I hold myself to that standard, not being a vote taker.

The third quote, well I’ll leave that one alone but it reflects my desire to work hard, play hard and be tenacious in life. We don’t have to be “bad” losers but we have to love winning. It’s the mark of every successful coach or athlete or person I ever knew.

What two or three quotes would reflect what you believe in? What sums up your greatest values? What statements become not only your goal in life but your measuring stick as well?

Not a sermon – just a question!