Remember the old tune “Summertime and the Living Is Easy”.  I bet many of you can hear it in your head right now, now that I’ve mentioned it.  It was originally composed in 1934 (when summer really was a much slower time) for the opera Porgy and Bess.  As you probably already know I’m not a big fan of opera or musicals in general for that matter but this is one of the greatest tunes I’ve ever heard.  It is an often recorded jazz standard and my favorite version was done by Sam Cooke.  The words are wonderful but the tune is relaxing all by itself.

Whenever I hear it I drift back to a slower pace, a more enjoyable time and I am reminded how important it is to slow down and enjoy the life the Lord has blessed me with.

The last forty four summers (I can’t imagine mentioning such a span of time in a single breath like that) have been lived out right here in the most wonderful life any man could ever ask for.  Summer camping trips in the mountains, fishing trips to Canada, youth camps and family camps at Bethany Beach and family have been the hub around which my life and my memories are centered.

Yes, summer is my favorite season.  My life time is filled with memories of family, church, good times, and a slower and easier lifestyle.  Back when I was growing up, summer in Washington D.C. area was hot, unrelenting and slow.  Air Conditioning was non-existent in houses, cars or most of the places where ordinary people like me went or lived.  We just slowed down and lived with the heat.  Slower was better in more ways than one.

We are all living too fast paced a life these days.  The calendar is too full.  There are too many places and ways to add, add, add to our lifestyle and the results are predictable.  We have less and less quality time.  We jam more and more, higher and higher on top of what we are already doing.  Do you ever get the feeling like I do that the more I add the further I get behind and the less and less I enjoy any of it?

Its summertime, it’s a built in excuse to slow down.  Rest a little more.  Spend a little more quality time in the evenings and on the weekends.  Sit outside and watch the fireflies.  Don’t just add more to your calendar but take time to enjoy more of what you already have in your life…like church.  Sometimes I feel like we “schedule” our one hour for church and maybe half an hour for fellowship afterwards and we are on our way to the next event on the calendar.  Slow down, enjoy more, schedule less and never ever make more time in your calendar by eliminating time with the Lord.  After all, the Lord’s Day is all about taking time to remember you are the Lord’s, He is with you always and being renewed in the Lord’s spirit is the best dad gummed elixir you can have in your life.

Find Your Blessing Today…And For All the Days To Follow

Dr. Bob Chance