Today I sit where the ocean breaks upon the shore,

And yet again I ponder something more.

Another season not that far away or long ago,

I sat and watched the gently falling snow.

Another time, another place, but today the sun rises hot,

And although I seem the same I know I’m not.

Seasons come and seasons go and I sit as ocean breezes blow,

And rejoice in the creator’s wonderful, beautiful show.

Who am I but a tiny part in the grand unfolding day,

That reveals the Creator’s wonderous way.

To sit and share in awe at the Master’s plan,

Is to remember how he entrusted us to care for all his land.

Birds fly along the shore, riding with the wind.

Waves crashing wildly and then,

Sea and foam teem and crash

Until they merge at last.

I sit and mark the passing of sacred time.

When God’s presence is but a sign.

Of other days and other places,

When in the passing of the seasons I see my creator’s face

Whether I sit and ponder on a cold winter’s day,

Or sit beneath the blazing Heat,

I know I’m blessed to sit at my master’s feet.

And know my place in grand creation’s way.

This is the second in what I hope will become a four part sequel of The Four Seasons Poems by Bob.  The first was written in the middle of a quiet but wonderful snow storm last winter.  A copy is elsewhere in the newsletter.  Perhaps it will inspire you to stop and ponder the beauty of summer and the magical moments of sitting at the beach.